Is Dental Bonding Right for You? What You Need to Know

Your smile is a calling card to the world, so when you keep it hidden away, it’s a disservice to yourself and those around you. Yet, there are dental issues that can rob you of confidence, keeping your lips tightly shut. 

We’re ready to help with a technique called dental bonding, which can quickly and easily turn things around, without the need for involved procedures. 

In Mount Vernon, New York, visit us at SmileBoutique, the private practice of Wayne Hofflich, DDS, to learn more about the wide range of conditions that we can address with dental bonding. 

What is dental bonding?

Composite resin is the secret behind dental bonding. Dental resins replace amalgam fillings in many cases. Resin is an ideal material from a cosmetic point of view. The resin material closely matches natural tooth appearance, and we can customize it to complement the teeth of individual patients. 

These resins can be used for more than just fillings, and since they bond well with tooth surfaces, they make an excellent material for fixing both structural and cosmetic tooth issues. 

Problems that bonding can fix

Compared with more complex dental procedures, bonding is fast and affordable. Better still, we can perform many applications without the need for anesthesia. Some of the conditions for which you may be able to choose dental bonding include: 

Cracks and chips

Cracked and chipped teeth are common dental conditions. Sports collisions or biting hard foods may cause small chips or cracks. Depending on the severity of your break, dental bonding can close and seal the damage, restoring the appearance, strength, and function of a tooth. 

Tooth shape and gaps

Unevenly shaped teeth and gaps also occur frequently. Few people are born with perfectly placed and matched teeth. Instead of orthodontics, small to moderate gaps in your teeth may be treatable with dental bonding. We can also smooth out adjacent teeth of uneven length or width for improved appearance. 

Stains and discoloration

There can be many reasons for tooth staining and discoloration. Your morning cup of coffee or tea can tint your teeth yellow-brown, or medications including those for seasonal allergies, blood pressure, and mental health treatment can affect the color of teeth. 

Tooth enamel thins as you get older, another reason for tooth yellowing. Some discoloration doesn’t respond to traditional teeth whitening, but you can turn to dental bonding to cover and brighten where necessary. 

Hide old fillings

Conventional metal amalgam fillings show as metallic gray spots on your teeth. Depending on the tooth, filling, and location, we can cover or replace amalgam fillings. This is a big advantage if a filling is easily visible when you smile. Composite resin makes the repair vanish. 

Contact us at SmileBoutique to find out if dental bonding is the answer to the dental issue that’s bothering you. Call our office directly or book your appointment online. The solution to your smile might be closer than you think.

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