Help! My Teeth Are Yellow!

When you smile, you say to the world, “I’m here, I’m happy to be here, I feel good!” That’s a powerful message to send when you’re at a job interview, meeting new neighbors for the first time, or on a date. Your smile is an asset in nearly all areas of life. 

But, if you don’t feel good about how your teeth look, you may smile less and appear less friendly and welcoming. You may not choose to do this, yet you end up sending a message you didn’t mean to at all. 

At SmileBoutique, Dr. Wayne Hofflich and his staff want to help you approach your life with confidence and a radiant smile. If your teeth are discolored, appear gray or yellow, or are stained, you may want to investigate professional teeth whitening with Philips Zoom!®. 

Why your teeth are yellow

There are many different reasons that can cause your teeth to be discolored. Lifestyle factors such as your diet and simply aging are common contributors to yellowing. As you get older, the enamel coating on your teeth wears thinner, allowing the yellow or grey dentin behind it to show through. 

Other common reasons for teeth to be discolored include:

Genetics, too, can be a factor. If your parents or other close family members have discolored teeth, your risk of having yellowing or graying teeth increases. 

Getting your teeth white again

Have you considered over-the-counter whitening products like toothpastes, gels, or kits? Unfortunately, those are unlikely to give you the results you’re looking for. But, don’t give up hope! The experts in our office can help. 

We offer Philips Zoom! whitening, which can lighten your teeth as much as eight shades in one visit. With this system, Dr. Hofflich first brushes a whitening solution on, one tooth at a time, which helps you enjoy even, natural-looking whitening. After that, he uses a special light that activates the solution and helps it reach the deeper layers of your teeth. 

Even better, this whole process is quick. Dr. Hofflich checks your progress after 15 minutes, and either continues applying gel and using the light, or finishes the treatment. The process can be performed up to three times, so you’re sure to reach the bright white shade you want for your teeth. 

Keeping your teeth white

Although teeth whitening isn’t permanent, it can last a long time. In order to help you make sure you're happy to flash your smile for a long time, we provide you with detailed follow-up care instructions. You may need to avoid certain foods and beverages temporarily, for example. 

Another crucial element in keeping your teeth looking great is consistent dental hygiene. You’ll want to be sure you schedule regular cleanings, as well as sticking with a rigorous at-home hygiene routine. Keeping your teeth white is important, but avoiding plaque buildup, bacteria, and tooth decay is even more important! 

If you’d like to learn more about our teeth whitening services, and find out if you might be a candidate, schedule an appointment at Smile Boutique today. 

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