Brighten Your Smile for the Holidays With Our Zoom!® Teeth Whitening Treatment

The holidays are almost here, and that means get-togethers with friends and family, dinner celebrations, and lots of smiles. If your teeth aren’t their whitest, you might think twice before letting your smile shine. 

Don’t let dull teeth take the merry out of your holiday season this year. Today’s teeth whitening systems can take on even the dullest teeth. But with so many choices, from toothpaste to drug-store whitening strips to in-office treatments, it’s hard to know which is right for you.   

Dr. Wayne Hofflich and the dental experts at SmileBoutique in Mount Vernon, New York understand. Our office is one of Southern Westchester’s most trusted resources for teeth whitening, and we use the Philips Zoom!® in-office whitening system to give our patients the best smile possible. 

To help you understand why Zoom! professional teeth whitening is the right choice to brighten your smile this holiday season, we created this guide. Read on to learn more! 

How does Zoom! professional whitening work?

Obtaining a brighter smile with the Zoom! whitening system couldn’t be easier. First, Dr. Hofflich will evaluate your teeth and dental history to ensure the Zoom! Whitening system is right for you. Some types of dental discoloration cannot be corrected with teeth whitening, like stains from some injuries and certain antibiotics. 

Once you’re cleared for treatment, we’ll set up a whitening appointment. There, Dr. Hofflich protects your gums with a rubber dam, then fills a retainer that fits over your teeth with the whitening solution. 

Zoom! whitening solution is made from approved-for-use bleaching agents. They break down stains on your teeth, and the special Zoom! light enhances the whitening process, giving you the best smile possible.

After about 15 minutes, Dr. Hofflich checks your teeth and compares them to the shade guide. You decide if you’re happy with the results or if you want to go whiter and continue with more treatment right then and there. With Zoom! and SmileBoutique, your teeth can become up to eight shades lighter. It only takes a single appointment that lasts less than an hour!  

How long will my results from Zoom! last?

After whitening with Zoom!, you’ll see noticeable results immediately. The full whitening effect takes a few days, and how long the results last depends on you and your habits. 

Make your results last as long as possible by:

It’s important to know that all dental bleaching, including at-home kits and in-office treatments, will require occasional touch-up treatments in the future. The Zoom! treatment from SmileBoutique can be repeated up to three times to help you reach the optimal shade of white you desire. 

Ready to brighten your smile for the holidays?

You don’t have to wait to see changes in your smile. With Zoom! whitening and the SmileBoutique, you can have the smile of your dreams in time for the holidays! Schedule an appointment with SmileBoutique today by contacting the office or booking a consultation online. 

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