5 Ways Dental Veneers Can Improve Your Smile

Your smile is one of the first things people notice. But when you have dental imperfections, you don’t want to show them off. You may even feel embarrassed doing everyday things with others, like talking, laughing, and eating.  


With the help of Dr. Wayne Hofflich and our team at SmileBoutique in Mount Vernon, New York, you don’t have to let dental imperfections control your smile. We understand the negative impact a flawed smile can have on your life, and we’re here to help.  


We know that many of our patients are especially unhappy because of more than one cosmetic flaw. One of our favorite procedures for improving smiles with multiple flaws is dental veneers.


The revolutionary daVinci Veneers™ use a super-thin covering of porcelain that looks and feels just like your natural teeth. Our team ensures the veneers are custom designed to match the shape and natural color of your teeth for optimal results.


Read on to learn five ways simple, effective dental veneers can improve your smile! 

1. A complete smile do-over

Veneers aesthetically correct your entire smile. With veneers, imperfections like stains, misshapen, chipped, broken, or gapped teeth become a thing of the past. Veneers can be used on a single tooth or on multiple teeth, and you walk away with a complete smile do-over that’s natural looking and stain resistant. 

2. Lasting smile power

It only takes 2-3 appointments to complete your work, but the power of your veneers is designed to last. During the first appointment, Dr. Hofflich prepares the surface of your teeth by cleaning and removing a thin layer of enamel to allow the veneer to fit properly. We then take impressions of your teeth to ensure your veneers fit perfectly. 


At your next appointment, Dr. Hofflich adheres the daVinci veneers to the front of your teeth. Once the bonding is complete, our team checks your bite and makes any final adjustments your need. You’ll leave the office with the movie-star smile you’ve always dreamed of. If something doesn’t feel right, we’ll fix it in a third appointment. 


The best part? With attentive at-home care and regular professional cleanings, dental veneers last 7-10 years.

3. Protection against bacteria

You smile benefits from more than an improved appearance that lasts and lasts. Cutting-edge daVinci veneers also act as a shield against bacteria and germs. Gapped, broken, cracked, and chipped teeth can expose dentin and pulp, the inner layers of your teeth, to harmful bacteria. The result? Gum disease and decay, which can lead to tooth loss. With veneers, you have an added layer of protection to block out bacteria. 

4. Enamel that’s safeguarded

Did you know that once your dental enamel, the hard covering that protects your teeth, is damaged, it can’t be restored? This makes it easy for decay to develop, leading to dental complications down the line. Dental veneers safeguard your enamel, protecting your dental surfaces from damage.

5. A confident smile 

 Dental veneers provide you with a uniform, unflawed smile that helps boost your confidence. And when you smile with confidence, your smile truly shines.


If you have broken, gapped, misshapen, or stained teeth and are wondering if dental veneers are right for you, contact the team at SmileBoutique in Mount Vernon, New York, or book online now!

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