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In a given year, dentists and endodontists perform more than 15 million root-canal procedures. Since root canals are one of the most efficient ways to restore your tooth’s health, the dental experts at SmileBoutique in Mount Vernon, New York, provide modern, minimally invasive root canal procedures. You can book your root canal evaluation online today or you can call to speak with a team member to book your appointment.

Root Canal Q & A

Why is a root canal important?

The inside of your tooth — deep below your gum line — is filled with connective tissues, tiny blood vessels, and nerves. This filling, known as “pulp,” can become inflamed or infected if you have deep decay or a tooth fracture.

A root canal involves removing all of the pulp while leaving the structure of your tooth intact. Because you won’t need to have your tooth pulled, you won’t have to worry about:

  • Shifting teeth
  • Bone or gum tissue loss 
  • Problems with chewing

Modern root canal procedures are less invasive than in years past, so you can undergo the essential dental treatment you need in a comfortable setting. 

What can I expect from a root canal?

The dental experts at SmileBoutique spend time educating you about what you should expect from a root canal long before getting started. They specialize in gentle dental techniques, as well as modern root-canal solutions to ensure your root canal is as quick and efficient as possible.

During your root-canal procedure, your dentist thoroughly numbs your gums and nerves surrounding your tooth. It takes just a few minutes for the numbing solution to take effect and then your dentist drills a small hole into your tooth.

Using specialized thin dental tools, your dentist removes the pulp from inside your damaged tooth and reshapes the inner canals. After thoroughly cleaning the inside of your tooth, your dentist places a rubbery seal in your tooth known as gutta-percha.

Once your root canal is complete, your dentist reshapes your tooth, gathers impressions, and gets you ready for a protective crown — most root canals require crowns afterward. While it takes a couple of weeks for your crown to come to the office, your dentist creates a temporary crown to cover your tooth in the meantime.  

Does it hurt to get a root canal?

Most root canal patients at SmileBoutique report that getting a root canal isn’t any more uncomfortable than getting a simple filling after having a cavity. The team is committed to ensuring your procedure is as painless as possible. Any slight discomfort you do feel should be very minor and well-tolerated. 

If you need a root canal or have a painful tooth, schedule an exam at SmileBoutique right away. Use the online scheduling tool or call to book an appointment over the phone.

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