Teeth Whitening

man face 300x209 Teeth Whitening Everyone loves a bright, white smile. Today there are a variety of products and procedures available to help you improve the color of your teeth. Here in our office, we use two of the best teeth whitening systems available: Rembrandt Sapphire Light in-office one hour whitening and Day White take-home tray whitening.

Rembrandt Sapphire Light is an in-office, 1-hour whitening system. It is ideal for those who want dramatically whiter teeth with minimal investment of time. This extraordinary procedure usually takes one to one and a half hours from beginning to end and produces immediate results. In most cases, teeth become at least six to ten shades whiter. You will leave our office with a brilliant new smile.

Tooth whitening is entirely painless and, for some, even relaxing. During the procedure, Dr. Hofflich applies a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel that is activated when exposed to the special light. At this point, the gel breaks down, penetrating the tooth and removing stains and discoloration. After about an hour, Dr. Hofflich performs a brief fluoride treatment, and the entire process is finished. Your teeth will be amazingly whiter, results that – with proper maintenance and routine dental exams – will last for years.

If you choose to maintain your new brighter smile, Dr. Hofflich will prescribe for you take-home whitening trays to use. Day White is an advanced whitening chemistry which will quickly, safely, and effectively whiten your smile.  A two-component tooth whitening system, Day White’s patented dual chamber syringe contains a mixture of Cool Mint flavored gel and an activator formula which delivers precise doses at the time of application. The resulting blend is a revolutionary whitener that produces beautiful white teeth in just days.black woman smiling 199x300 Teeth Whitening

Day White is a mild solution containing a unique blend of natural soothers, conditioners and flavor enhancers. It is dispensed to patients by a dental professional, but applied by the patient at home using a comfortable and inconspicuous tray.

Unlike conventional overnight take-home tooth whitening systems that may require up to eight hours of wear time, Day White achieves the same results in only 30 minutes twice a day. With proper care and on occasional touch up at home, your whiter smile will sparkle for years.

 A Note of Assurance

Tooth whitening is a well established procedure in cosmetic dentistry. Hydrogen or carbamide peroxide, the active ingredient in tooth whitening products, has also been safely used for many years in the treatment of gums and other oral soft tissue.

The whitening process is effective on most discolored teeth. Darker stains, such as those caused by antibiotics, are more difficult to whiten. The degree of whiteness will vary from patient to patient, depending on the structure of the teeth.

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